Cancer Survivor Beauty And Support Day

Cancer Survivor Beauty And Support Day

6 • 5 • 2018


Teens Informing Teens

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CSBSD Flyer (Spanish)

Teens Informing Teens CSBSD Flyer

Teens Informing Teens CSBSD Flyer

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Teens Informing Teens

In 2011, my family met and became close friends with the Sommer family who lived in our community. Both parents are Rabbis and at the time they had 4 kids, David, Sam, Yael and Solomon. After spending some time together at a family event, I began working with Michael, the father, as my tutor for my Bar Mitzvah. In 2012, their son, Sam, who was 6 at the time, was diagnosed with leukemia. As a result of this horrendous news, my family tried to do as much as we could to bring support to them and help raise awareness about childhood cancers. Sam became so ill that I decided to dedicate my 'mitzvah' project to honor him. I raised money for the MACC fund for childhood cancer research and was one of many who shaved our heads for their local St. Baldrick's fund raiser to honor 'Superman Sam'. It was so difficult to watch and try to understand how such a bad thing could happen to someone so young and such a great family and community.

Many teens like me have endured the pain of witnessing similar experiences happening to a family member or a dear friend. It is my belief that students in most high schools in our country take part in some form of a fundraising or awareness event during their four years in school. It is a great feeling to help others who are less fortunate, and it is equally as good a feeling to know you are providing support during a time of difficult illness or loss.

I have created this logo to help reach all age groups, especially teens and their families, that have been affected in some way by cancer. My goal is to reach every high school so they can help raise an awareness in their communities about Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ (CSBSD™). It is my hope that with the help of every high school, the "Teens Informing Teens about Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day" event information will then be shared with family members and friends so that all cancer survivors know about and can take part in the day.

Jasper Blumberg
Deerfield High School

The following High Schools are honored to participate in cancersurvivor


 Cathedral High School, California
 Palm Springs High School, California
 Rancho Mirage High School, California
 Alternative at Rancho Mirage High School, California
 Desert High School, California
 Alternative at Desert High School, California
 Deerfield High School, Illinois
 Highland Park High School, Illinois

Barbara N. Paget, Chair, Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ Foundation