Cancer Survivor Beauty And Support Day

Cancer Survivor Beauty And Support Day

6 • 2 • 2020


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CSBSD Flyer (Spanish)

Teens Informing Teens CSBSD Flyer

Teens Informing Teens CSBSD Flyer

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Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ (CSBSD™) is a nationwide and international event that takes place every year on the first Tuesday in June. It is a day of volunteering when those in the beauty and related industries in all fifty states offer complimentary services to all men, women and children cancer survivors, regardless of their type of cancer or when they were diagnosed. All cancer survivors are invited to participate and, for many, CSBSD™ is the only time during the year that they receive a little personal kindness, warm support and tender pampering.

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ (CSBSD™) is a purely volunteer event with no monies being raised and with no solicitations being made on that day or at any other time of the year. Unless a cancer survivor posts on Facebook or emails the CSBSD™ chairperson, no one is ever privy to those survivors who participate in the day. Thousands of volunteers from the spa, beauty and wellness industries freely give their support and services on this day to all cancer survivors. Volunteers decide what services they wish to offer, and they post the CSBSD™ flyer or their own poster to let their clients know about Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™. Cancer survivors make their own appointments for that day. On the Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ web site, there is a listing of all participating locations by state, by city, in alphabetical order for cancer survivors to reference.

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ (CSBSD™) is supported by volunteers who work for cancer clinics, hospitals, cancer care organizations and many related agencies, all participating in this special day, helping to get the Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ information to all cancer survivors. In addition, there are many published articles and broadcast announcements promoting Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™.

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ is continually reaching out to every cancer survivor to let them know about this wonderful day of beauty and support. Each year, the number of cancer survivors learning about and enjoying a complimentary beauty service grows. It is the goal of Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ to reach every cancer survivor to let them know about this special day. Each year, more salons, spas, beauty shops, barber shops, massage salons and more places of beauty and wellness join the participation list and volunteer their services on Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™. If there is not listed a participating salon near to where a survivor lives, then the cancer survivor is encouraged to email CSBSD™ at with the names and telephone numbers of a few establishments closest to where they live so that they can be contacted and hopefully added to the participation list. It is the goal of Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ to reach all of the beauty schools to encourage them to have their students experience and participate in the cancer support day. It is the goal of Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ to reach all those licensed in the beauty industry, to encourage them to volunteer a service of their choice to the cancer survivors

Clips of Kindness® clipper cuts from Great Clips

For many, the idea of hair loss can be daunting and unsettling. But when the time comes, Great Clips stylists can make it just a little bit easier for customers. Clips of Kindness® is a service available at all 4,100 Great Clips salons across North America. Great Clips salons offer a free clipper cut (a very short "shave" using clippers) to anyone facing hair loss due to cancer treatment. Clips of Kindness® is a small gesture in the big fight against cancer. But it's Great Clips way of trying to make things a little bit easier, and it's just the right thing to do.

Customers facing hair loss due to cancer treatment can go to a Great Clips salon when the time comes and ask for a Clips of Kindness® clipper cut. You don't need a coupon or a form of any kind, and the clipper cut is complimentary. You can also ask to have your service completed at a rear station if you would like a little more privacy.

You can watch the Great Clips video about Clips of Kindness to learn more about the service: Find more information about Clips of Kindness at

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C)

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) raises funds to accelerate the pace of research to get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. SU2C a division of the Entertainment Industry Foundation was established in 2008 by film and media leaders who utilize the industry's resources to engage the public in supporting a new, collaborative model of cancer research. Trials


Sephora offers complimentary Brave Beauty in the Face classes designed to help address the visible effects of cancer treatments and have attendees feel beautiful and empowered. Visit and click "Happening at" to find a participating store near you. You can also view a 3-part Brave Beauty video on the Sephora Stands You Tube channel.

Monday's at Racine is a wonderful program for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently in treatment. The primary mission of Monday's at Racine, is to reduce the physical, emotional, and cosmetic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, by providing free in-salon beauty and wellness services each Monday. Their mission is to encourage a self-empowering, mind-body approach to treatment medicine, to ensure wellness and vitality. To learn more about Mondays at Racine and the services they provide, and to locate a participating place, please go to

For The Children

SeriousFun Children's Network started over 20 years ago, when the late actor, Paul Newman, generously created a place called 'The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp' where children with serious illnesses could go to simply have fun. Today, that idea has grown to include 30 life changing camps and programs nationwide. I am proud to have the support of SeriousFun Children's Network, knowing they are reaching the families to tell them about Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day, and I am helping to spread the joy of camp to as many people as possible.

"Ronald McDonald House Charities© (RMHC) is proud to be associated with this year's Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™(CSBSD) event. Families of ill children are under tremendous stress. Through our Ronald McDonald House programs, RMHC allows families of sick children to face the weight of illness together. We applaud the CSBSD event as a great way to care for the whole family. RMHC is pleased to share the CSBSD beauty and support day event information with the children and families staying in our North American Ronald McDonald House programs, so they too can enjoy the generosity of the many volunteers who make this special day possible." For more information on RMHC visit us at

Variety, the Children's Charity was started in 1928, by several people in the theatre and movie business. There are 21 chapters throughout the country, who are dedicated to improving the lives of children in local communities. Variety, the Children's Charity purpose is to serve children who are less fortunate-children who live and grow up with a serious illness, disability, or disadvantage. These extra special children require a special kind of help. Variety is not the cause, children are the cause. Variety is the solution. To learn more about this extraordinary charity, please go to

St. Jude Research Hospital is centered on finding cures and saving children. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude. They pay for treatment, travel, housing, and food. St. Jude feels a family should only worry about helping their child live. St. Jude shares their knowledge and exchanges their ideals openly, inspiring more collaboration between doctors and researches worldwide, and as a result, more life saving treatments for children everywhere. Visit St. Jude's mission at

For The Young Adults

First Descents is proud to support CSBSD because these two causes share a common thread: enriching the lives of those impacted by cancer. First Descents provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (18-39) impacted by cancer. Their kayaking, surfing, and rock-climbing programs empower young adults to defy their cancer, reclaim their lives, and out live their diagnosis. Programs are held across the country and even internationally. To learn more visit

A Personal Message

In 2003, I learned about a salon in northern California where so many of their clients were being treated for cancer that the owner decided to have a spa day for cancer survivors. Thinking that was such a wonderful idea, I went to a salon in my hometown of Highland Park, Illinois and asked the owner if she might also support a spa day for cancer survivors. We had a spa evening with everyone from the salon volunteering, all of the available appointments quickly filled up and there was a waiting list of cancer survivors hoping to participate. At that first spa evening, I quickly realized that this was not only about the complimentary service being provided but, for the survivors it was a special moment of support and bonding. Shortly thereafter, I began working to expand Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ as an annual national day throughout the country. With the incredible support of Great Clips and many beauty schools, plus the growing participation of salons, spas, beauty shops, barber shops and massage salons, Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ is now an annual event celebrated in all fifty states. Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ has been recognized in the US House of Representatives since 2009, and has been cited by many state and local governments.

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ is a yearly event supported by thousands of volunteers who make the commitment to generously give of themselves to others, to cancer survivors, receiving nothing more in return than a heartfelt "thank you" as their reward.

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ is one day, annually the first Tuesday in June, intended to make all participating cancer survivors feel more supported and appreciated. It definitely touches the soul of all who volunteer. Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ makes life a bit more enjoyable for the cancer survivor and lot more fulfilling for those who volunteer.

"The real beauty of Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ is the support it gives!"

Barbara Natof Paget, Chair
Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day™ Foundation